Key Attributes of PUF Sandwich Panel

Polyurethane foam or simply known as PUF Sandwich Panel is a widely used building material in the construction industry. It serves as an effective and economical alternative to traditional concrete construction.

Sandwich Panels are made of a rigid insulated core in between layered by two structural sheets. The sheets can be either metallic or non-metallic available in different combinations. The core is also available in various materials but the most commonly used are PUF or Polyurethane foam, PIR or Polyisocyanurate foam, Expanded Polystyrene or EPS, Rockwool or Mineral Wool.

PUF Insulated Sandwich Panel varies in thickness and density to meet construction needs. Because of their high thermal efficiency, they provide a balanced interior room temperature.

One of the reasons PUF Sandwich Panel is highly preferred is because of its versatility. It can be used in different applications like roofing system, wall cladding, flooring or foundation.

Features of PUF Sandwich Panel Include:

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