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Ceiling Panels


Looking for an alternative ceiling for your room? Or repairing your old ceiling?

KoreaPuff brings to you a comprehensive series of Ceiling Panels Solutions for your roofing requirements. Our brand is a leading ceiling panels manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, India. Our Ceiling Panels and materials are manufactured using cutting edge technology under expert guidance.

KoreaPuff Ceiling Panels can be used on existing roofing or as a completely new ceiling system. These ceiling panels have inherently strong physical characteristics and flawless designs that make them extremely desirable and flawless.

Ceiling Panels of all types including PVC Ceiling Panel and Insulated Ceiling Panels are used in residential as well as commercial buildings. Ceiling Panels are also seen in homes, office buildings, restaurants, airports, railway stations, industrial buildings and such.

Key Attributes:
  • Tongue and groove interlocking system
  • High in strength and life-long durability
  • Insulated Ceiling Panels are eco-friendly and save energy costs
  • Installation of ceiling panels is easy and quick
  • Ceiling Panels are portable and can be relocated and reused
  • Ceiling Panels can be customized and available in a variety of designs and sizes
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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