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PUF Insulated Panels


PUF Insulated Panels have proven to be an excellent alternative to conventional roofing systems or brick walls.

Additionally, PUF Insulated Panels are an ideal choice for insulating any industrial units or even a residential building. These panels are renowned for their highly effective insulation properties.

KoreaPuff is a prominent PUF Insulated Panels manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, India. We offer an array of PUF Insulated Panels manufactured using the best quality material and high-grade technology.

Our PUF Insulated Panels System is useful for all types of construction and can be used as roofs or wall cladding. These panels have similar features to a simple roof or wall but they also offer additional benefits as well.

KoreaPuff PUF Insulated Panels are suited for application across various industries namely food processing, fish and diary, pharmaceuticals and drugs, cold storages and clean rooms and are also used in the construction of commercial and residential buildings, Offices, Prefab Containers and Cabins, Warehouses, Supermarkets, etc.

Key Attributes of PUF Insulated Panels System:

  • Long-lasting, durable and stable panels
  • PUF Insulated Panels System gives more structural strength than a simple roof
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties
  • PUF Insulated Panels are energy efficient
  • PUF insulated Panels specification can be customized to meet client requirements

  • For a more detailed specifications list and product price, request a quote today!

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