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Partition Panels

Partition Panels

Partition Panel are in huge demand in the market due to their multi-purpose functions. Partition panel can act as a divider to seek an enclosure or make separate spaces in the same room for maximum space utilization. Indoors or outdoors, sturdy partition wall panel prove to be the perfect solution to keep away unwanted intruders or any exterior noise.

Partition Wall Panel System serves domestic as well as industrial purpose. They are often used by builders or site workers during on-site operations; at commercial establishments like partition panel for office, malls, hospitals, etc. Partition Wall Panel also proves to be effective use in areas like kitchens, toilets, cold storages, labs, etc.


  • Partition Wall Panel System is modular and pre-engineered and simplified construction
  • Sound, heat insulation & energy efficient
  • Partition panel of different heights available
  • Durable and strong construction
  • Light-weight partition panel that are easy to erect
  • Partition wall panel are visually aesthetical in design

  • Flexibility in design and customized color options available
  • PUF Partition Panel has excellent insulation that enables high energy savings
  • Water-proof, stain and termite resistant
  • Partition Wall Panel System is maintenance-free
  • Partition panel installation can be done in a few hours with minimum equipments
  • Can be easily disassembled & relocated
  • Versatile in use, indoors as well as outdoors
Top-grade partition panel at KoreaPuff

The solution to your partition problems are Partition Panel Solutions brought to you by KoreaPuff.

We are a leading Partition Wall Panel manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, India. Our partition panel are manufactured with precision and accuracy to provide stability, withstand pressure to give them a long lasting value. Usage of excellent quality material enables better functionality and application.

KoreaPuff partition wall panel encompasses all the characteristics of a regular concrete wall with added user-friendly features and benefits.

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