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Cold Room Panels

Cold Room Panel

Cold Room Panels are extremely important because they allow the cold room to function properly. Cold Room Panels should meet all the necessary requirements to keep the cold storage room up to efficient working standards. Uniquely designed, Cold Room Panels are perfectly suited and highly preferred for low temperature applications.

An industry leader, Korea Puff is an expert manufacturer and supplier of high quality Cold Room Panels in Mumbai, India. Our PUF Insulated Cold Room Panels are equipped with advanced insulation technology to provide turnkey solutions to your cold storage rooms.

Our Cold Storage Panels are widely applicable and used in transportation of dairy or meat products, horticulture and floriculture, supermarkets, labs and research institutes, hospitals, warehouses and such.

Key Features:

  • Rigid structure and reliability
  • Long term durability
  • Preserves specific room temperature required to maintain product quality
  • Cold Room PUF Panels maintain a proper level of thermal insulation with air tightness
  • Cold Room Panels installation is quick and requires minimum man-power
  • Adequate storage space
  • Cold Room Panels are perfectly hygienic and safe
  • Easily movable and easy to handle
  • Covers all the requirements of cold room storage
  • Cold Room Panels provide proper protection to the products stored inside the cold room
  • Minimum waste, energy saving and eco-friendly
  • Cold Storage Panels are quite economical

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