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Prefabricated PUF Panels


Prefabricated PUF Panels are factory engineered for precise and accurate specifications. These panels are cost efficient and modular in nature. Prefabricated PUF Panels enables reduced human error while on-site construction.

KoreaPuff is a prominent Prefabricated PUF Panels manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, India. Our products showcase a range of Prefabricated PUF Panels System that is different in sizes, colors and designs customized to cater to customer needs.

Prefabricated PUF Panels are versatile and used for roof systems, wall claddings, ceilings, etc. The panels are popular across different industries and used in the construction of Office buildings, commercial and industrial units, storage houses, cold and clean rooms, refrigerated buildings, food processing units, accommodation houses, prefab houses and buildings etc.

Key Attributes:

  • Prefabricated PUF Panels consist of a rigid core with strong structural strength
  • Long term stability and reliability
  • Prefabricated PUF Panels showcase fine finishing that gives the product an aesthetic look
  • Flexible features enable customized specifications to meet customer requirements
  • Energy saving, eco-friendly panels
  • Prefabricated PUF Panels are Airtight, Weather-proof and Sound proof
  • Prefabricated PUF Panels System is portable and can be moved from one place to another
  • Cost effective solution
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