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Prefabricated Panel


Prominent industry leader KoreaPuff is a world class Prefabricated Panel manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, India. Due to their unmatched strength, reliability and efficiency, prefab panels are gaining popularity over conventional building materials in the construction industry.

KoreaPuff Prefab Panels are pre-engineered for dimensional precision and accuracy. They are diversely applied as prefabricated wall panels and roofing system.

Prefabricated Panel has a wide use in numerous industries viz. prefabricated containers and buildings, factories, warehouses, office buildings, cold and clean rooms, fisheries and diaries, storage houses, Supermarkets, Malls and many such commercial and industrial establishments.

With the need of the hour being fast-paced operations, Prefabricated Panel solutions are designed to aid speedy construction and easy installation available for immediate use.

Key Attributes:

  • Prefab Panels offer sturdy build and rigid construction
  • Long time durability and stability
  • Prefabricated panels offer aesthetic appeal due to their fine finishing
  • Prefab Panels have flexible features that can be customized to cater to client requirements
  • Highly portable prefabricated panel, easy to dismantle and reassemble
  • Available in different colors, sizes and designs
  • Water-resistant, Fire-proof and air-tight panels
  • Prefabricated Panel solutions are very economical
Are you looking for comprehensive and quick building solutions? KoreaPuff Prefabricated Panel Solutions is just what you need. Contact now for further assistance!

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