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Polyurethane sandwich panel


Polyurethane panels or Polyurethane sandwich panel is made up of two metal sheets and a rigid core in between. This rigid core has polyurethane material known for its thermal insulation properties.

KoreaPuff are one of the leading Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Manufacturers and Suppliers in Mumbai, India.

Due to its excellent insulated material and tolerance to air pressures & humidity, Polyurethane foam Sandwich Panels are most preferred in food industry, fish industry, dairy industry and cold storages.

KoreaPuff Polyurethane Wall panel are widely used in industrial buildings, cold storages, warehouses, office buildings and other commercial units.

Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Specification and Attributes:

  • High heat insulation properties
  • Long-term stability and reliability
  • Long-lasting polyurethane panels
  • Simple and quick installation process
  • Negligible maintenance cost
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • All-weather proof

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