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Polyurethane Foam Slab


Polyurethane Foam Slab or simply, PUF Slab is the most economic thermal insulation material for various buildings and related applications across many industries.

PUF Slab manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, India, KoreaPuff offers high quality Polyurethane Foam Slab in varying thickness to meet temperature and insulation requirements in buildings or any kind of construction units.

KoreaPuff PUF Slab are primarily used for insulation of roofs and walls in cold storages applications, refrigerated buildings, food processing factories, clean rooms, freezer rooms, warehouses, fisheries and other large scale commercial and industrial buildings.

Along with being customized to meet different thickness requirement, Polyurethane Foam Slab is also available in different colors and sizes.

Key Attributes:

  • PUF Slab provide excellent thermal efficiency
  • Water proof and fire resistant
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Available in desired thickness
  • PUF Slab are highly preferred for being the most economical insulation material

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