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PUF Sheets


KoreaPuff offers high quality Polyurethane Foam or PUF Sheets for industrial and residential use. We are a leading PUF Sheets manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, India.

PUF Sheets have proven to be high-performing materials in comparison to other conventional alternatives. Our PUF Sheets are widely preferred for their great thermal efficiency and high strength to weight ratio.

Quality PUF Sheets manufactured by KoreaPuff are used in a number of applications like cold storages, clean rooms, roofing systems, wall claddings, floorings, Insulating units and also in office buildings, factories, warehouses, hospitals, food processing, prefabricated containers or units and many such.

KoreaPuff PUF Sheets can be altered to meet client requirements and are available in various sizes and colors.

Some key characteristics of PUF Sheets:

  • Excellent thermal insulation properties
  • Offer long term durability and rigidity
  • Precise and accurate dimensions
  • PUF Sheets are eco-friendly and energy efficient
  • PUF Sheets are extremely flexible and have numerous uses
  • Resistant to water, fire and moisture
  • All-weather proof
  • PUF Sheets give a perfect finish and are easy to maintain

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