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PUF Insulated Panels


PUF Insulated Roofing Panel has multiple advantages but the most beneficial one being higher thermal resistance.

Prominent PUF Insulated Roofing Panel manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, India, KoreaPuff product line showcases an extensive range of Insulated roofing panels that are highly energy efficient, effective and long-lasting.

Our PUF Insulated Sandwich Roof Panel consists of a rigid core sandwiched in between two metal sheets on the either sides. The core thickness can be adjusted as per the building temperature requirements.

PUF Insulated Sandwich Roof Panel are broadly applied in several industries viz. food processing, cold storages, fish and diary, refrigerated units, pharmaceuticals and drugs, clean room solutions, etc.

A PUF Panel Roofing System has the same features of a conventional roof, additionally providing higher strength and stability.

Key Attributes of Insulated Roofing Panels:

  • Long lasting durability and reliability
  • Leak-proof panel construction
  • PUF Insulated Roofing Panel are light in weight which allows for ease in construction
  • Fine finishing of PUF Insulated Roofing Panel System gives the over-all structure an aesthetic look
  • Fire resistance, water proof, non-corrosive panels
  • All weather proof insulated roofing panels
  • PUF Insulated Roofing Panel specification can be altered according to requirements
  • Cost effective, Maintenance free insulated roofing panels

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