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Roofing Sheets


Alternative roofing system includes Roofing Sheets, Sandwich panel roofing sheets, PUF insulated roofing sheets that provide added strength and benefits as compared to a simple roofing solution.

KoreaPuff Roofing Sheets are made of polyurethane foam or PUF material that is sandwiched between two outer-layer metal sheets. We are a prominent roofing sheets manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, India. Our PUF panel roofing sheets are manufactured using cutting edge technology meeting international standards.

PUF Insulated roofing sheets are known for their high thermal insulation properties. Hence, PUFF sheets for roofing now have a steadily increasing demand in the construction industry.

PUF Insulated Roofing Sheets or Sandwich Panel Roofing Sheets are widely applicable in commercial, industrial and residential buildings, cold storages, refrigerated buildings, malls, storage houses, food processing chambers, factories, etc.

Key Attributes of Roofing Sheets:

  • Light-weight PUF panel roofing sheets aid in quick and easy construction
  • Roofing Sheets have a long-lasting smooth finish
  • Sandwich roofing sheets are heat and sound resistance
  • PUFF Sheets for roofing save a lot of energy cost and are very eco-friendly
  • Sandwich panel roofing sheets core thicknesses can be reduced or increased to adjust to temperature requirements
  • Roofing sheets can be easily customized according to the customer needs

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