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Prefabricated Roofing Panel

Prefabricated Roofing Panel

Koreapuff Roofing Panels are a pre-fabricated, leak-proof roofing panel for commercial, educational, and domestic buildings. Our prefabricated roofing panel system has thick insulation that considerably reduces the summer heat and the furor of the monsoon.

We are a leading Prefabricated Roofing Panel manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, India. We offer comprehensive and cost-effective prefabricated roofing panel system that includes Roofing Wall Panels too.

Prefabricated Roofing Panels that weather many a storm

Koreapuff Prefabricated Roofing Panel are made of polyurethane foam (PUF) sandwiched between layers of waterproof and non-corrosive material. Our prefabricated roofing panel are designed to withstand the quirks of the nature and the vagaries of time.

Our Prefabricated Roofing Panel System effectively restricts the transmission of heat by 5-6 degrees, and also absorbs and reduces the noise of rain as wall. Prefabricated roofing panel are aesthetically designed, sound-proof and weather-resistant. Being corrosion-free, these roofing wall panels require low maintenance and durable in nature, making them a cost-effective roofing solution


Dimensional stability > 1% for -48h @ -30° C
Working Temparature -90° C or +90° C
Adhesion Strength > 100 Kpa
Compressive strength > 120 Kpa
Thermal conductivity u=0.020 W/M 0 k
Metal laminates Pre-painted galvanised steel (PPGS)
Insulation Rigid PUF
Normal density 35-40 kgs/m3
Joinery Overlap joinery with stich screw and EPDM washers Butyl sealants for leak-proof construction
Normal panel width 1000 mm
Panel Length Single panel up to 6000 mm
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