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Roof Sandwich Panel


Roofs are used as protection from natural elements. Roofing is an integral part of construction and should be highly effective along with providing an aesthetic appeal to the buildings.

Roof Sandwich Panels with inner and outer metal coating and an insulated center are highly preferred sandwich panels for roofing.

Korea Puff specializes in sandwich panel roofing sheets and offers an extensive range of high quality roof sandwich panels. These sandwich roofing sheets are manufactured in a quality controlled environment with fine quality raw materials.

A leading roof sandwich panels manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, India, our roof sandwich panels are used in industrial and commercial buildings, factories, storage houses, residential buildings, etc.

Key Elements of Sandwich Panel Roofing Systems:

  • Light-weight, great strength and reliable
  • Installation is done quickly and easily
  • Pre painted galvanized sheets
  • Thermally insulated
  • Sound proof and fire resistant
  • Airtight and Compression resistant
  • Corrosion free
  • Visually aesthetic buildings
  • No maintenance required
  • Insulated Roof Panels can be used in any type of construction
  • Safe and comfortable

One-stop Solution for Roof Sandwich panel

Korea Puff is a major Roof Sandwich Panel Manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, India. We offer a long range of panel solutions for all your office requirements. Manufactured in a quality controlled environment, our products are crafted under the guidance of our expert team.
We offer unique products with highly customizable specifications and features as per our clients’ needs.
Our panel are sustainable, reliable, and convenient for space crunched, low-accessible areas and also extremely cost efficient.

Roof Sandwich Panel
Load Bearing System Profacto Technology (Unwelded and Bolt Connection System)
Outer Wall System Neopan Technology (Full Automatic Wall Production)
Outer Surface Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel With Micro Ribbed
Inner Surface Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel With Micro Ribbed
Thickness 60mm / 100mm
Insulation EPS / Rockwool
Inner Wall System Neopan Technology (Full Automatic Wall Production)
Surface Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel With Micro Ribbed
Thickness 60mm / 100mm
Insulation EPS / Rockwool
Roof Suspended Celling Gypsum Plate / Rockwool Plate
Roof Insulation Rolled Glasswool / Rockwool
Roof Coat Natural Trapezoidal Galvanized Steel
Pre-Painted Trapezoidal Galvanized Steel / Sandwich Panel
Door & Window Outer Door Insulated Galvanized Steel / Aluminium
Inner Door MDF Lam Press Panel / American Panel
Windows PVC / Aluminium

Technical Specification:
  • Structure work for the 3000 sq.ft Cabin
  • started on 17.06.2011 & completed on 21.06.2011
  • Paneling work started on 22.06.2011 @ 9.00 am
  • 80% of the job was completed the same day by evening
  • Started work of Internal partitions on 24.06.2011 in the morning @ 9.00
  • Completed the entire cabin along with the Roof by 27.06.2011 in the morning
  • The roof is so sturdy & strong that people are already walking on it.
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