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Polyurethane Panel


Polyurethane Panel has two sheets on either side with rigid polyurethane filling in between. Polyurethane insulation panels are highly preferred construction material for their excellent thermal conductivity.

In case of PUR/PIR Polyurethane Foam Panel, PUR Polyurethane Foam Panel is known for its heat insulation properties whereas PIR Polyurethane Foam Panel is fire-proof and is high fire resistant.

Polyurethane Structural Insulated Panels are an ideal material for structural wall or roofing system due to being highly effective, light-weight and high strength to weight ratio.

Chief Polyurethane Panel manufacturer and Supplier in Mumbai, India, KoreaPuff offers a diverse range of Polyurethane Panel that are widely used in construction of large structures, office buildings, cold storages, warehouses, commercial buildings, etc.

Polyurethane Panel are especially high in demand with food processing industries, refrigerated buildings, cold and clean rooms because of their excellent insulation efficiency and customizable features.

Key Features of a Polyurethane Panel:

  • Polyurethane insulation panels provide high thermal insulation
  • Fire resistant material with low combustibility
  • Durable and reliable
  • Long service life with low maintenance cost
  • The panels are visually aesthetic
  • Polyurethane panel are highly versatile
  • Environment friendly material
  • Easy to assemble and deconstruct
  • All weather resistant, moisture proof panels
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